About us

Nebula was founded in May of 2022 by Brad. We aim to have a chill VTC with no harsh rules to ensure everyone has fun. We have grown loads and hope to keep growing.

Our Clients


How can i join Nebula Logistics? What are the requirements?

To join Nebula Logistics its as simple as a little form to fill out on our TMP page.
You can also see our requirements over there too.

How can i partner with Nebula Logistics?

Unfortunatley, we have no interest in any kind of partnerships with other VTCs at this current time.

Do you do any convoys?

Yes, we have weekly and monthly convoys/meetups with our drivers.

Have you got a job logger? Do you use a Hub?

Yes, we use a job logger to log all our drivers jobs. We have the job data sent to our custom made hub made by our own system developer we have.

Are you hiring staff ​positions?

Yes, we are always looking for new staff to fill positions. We have recruitment team, media team, human resources team and events team. Simply apply for them when you become a driver.